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All photos are property of Alvesta Farm; they are not to be reproduced without permission

Section B Fillies_April 30, 2010 007.jpg (932309 bytes)

Two of our 2010 Section B fillies Alvesta Lotus Blossom and Alvesta Brianna

Alvesta HyJinx_July 12 2009_ 042.jpg (1010127 bytes)

Alvesta HyJinx as a yearling, out in one of our pastures summer of 2009

July 2009 Alvesta Buttons N Bows 008.jpg (2349217 bytes)

My eldest daughter Christine, and her daughter Eva who is riding Alvesta Buttons N Bows.  Buttons' dam Alvesta Misty Rose is on the right, and Buttons' 2009 foal Alvesta Diabolo is on the left.

Alvesta Diabolo_5 months_August 12 2009_ 074.jpg (832999 bytes)    Alvesta Diabolo_5 months_August 12 2009_ 0048.jpg (76118 bytes)

Two of our 2009 Foals: Alvesta Diabolo and Alvesta Snowfairy

Fairy Lustre & Syesha_May 3 006.jpg (2979868 bytes)

2008 Fillies Alvesta Syesha and Alvesta Fairy Lustre pictured above with eldest daughter Christine

christine facebook 060.jpg (2455243 bytes)

My daughters' old riding gelding *Rosevean Red Admiral at 24 years old, teaching the granddaughter Eva to ride   summer of 2008

Alvesta Lil Tuck with Eva_2008.jpg (324745 bytes)

Alvesta Lil Tuck (owned by Hallmark Welsh) with our Granddaughter Eva in her first costume class... asleep.

Fantasia and Electra_July 20 019.jpg (797721 bytes)

Alvesta Fantasia and her 2008 filly Alvesta Electra

Alvesta Del Monte_June 30 005.jpg (183419 bytes)

2007 Gelding Alvesta Del Monte pictured in the pasture, June 2008

Eva and ponies.jpg (32358 bytes)

Granddaughter Eva visiting the boys in pasture

Alvesta Gwyndaf, Alvesta Peirato & Alvesta Firebolt

Aug 15, 2007 002.jpg (782590 bytes)

Alvesta ponies out in pasture in 2007 Fantasia, Ollie, Heather Belle, Buttons, Del Monte & Misty Rose in the back

June 17, 2007 016.jpg (219252 bytes)

Alvesta Misty Rose in front, with her daughter Alvesta Buttons N Bows, and grandson, Alvesta Del Monte (2007 foal)

Lil Tuck 013.jpg (298585 bytes)

Alvesta Lil Tuck

Now owned by Brian McClelland of Hallmark Welsh.  For more pictures of Tuck click on his picture.

kids washing star delight.jpg (83606 bytes)

My daughters Christine and Karen, and a visiting friend, washing Alvesta Star Delight

me and fanny as foal.jpg (141566 bytes)

Alvesta Fantasia and Karen many years ago

driving team at fair.jpg (120029 bytes)

Star Delight and her team mate at the Westlock fair.  Jonathan, Grandpa Olson and Christine some years ago. Star Delight was my son Jonathan's pony, but he soon discovered the delights of wheels and motors.

Buttons Ollie and girls.jpg (497049 bytes)

My daughter Karen and her friend Rachel years ago, on Alvesta Buttons N Bows and *Rosevean Red Admiral

wpe11.jpg (46489 bytes)

From left: Alvesta Fantasia, Alvesta Buttons N Bows and Alvesta Misty Rose.  Taken July '04

Vintage cantering.jpg (608896 bytes)

Alvesta Vintage & Christine

costum class.jpg (107546 bytes)   Ollie and Christine.jpg (548713 bytes)

*Rosevean Red Admiral (Ollie) and girls in a costume class, and in his 20's, frolicking at home with Christine

dogs & cats.jpg (141574 bytes)

The girls and our pets quite a few years back

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