Alvesta Misty Rose

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1984 - 2010 Section B Bay Roan Mare

Misty Rose was a great producer of breeding stock and performance ponies, and we are very fortunate to have a daughter of hers remaining in our herd.  

She was a big, pretty mare with a lovely Welsh head and excellent conformation.  Misty Rose had a kind, sweet personality and was well loved by everyone.  She was a treasure, and will be greatly missed.


Virginia Belle, Misty Rose, Mystique.jpg (249736 bytes)

Our three wonderful foundation mares:
Alvesta Misty Rose, Alvesta Virginia Belle, and Alvesta Mystique

Virginia Belle is Misty Rose and Mystique's dam -- our homebred Section B mares are all descendents of these three.

Some of Misty Rose's progeny are pictured below along with her pedigree


Aug 15, 2007 002.jpg (782590 bytes)

Misty Rose (in the back at 23) out in pasture with her daughter Alvesta Buttons N Bows (roan mare in center), grandson Del Monte (foal), sister Alvesta Heather Belle in the center, niece Alvesta Fantasia in the lead and Rosevean Red Admiral the second from the left.  Picture taken 2007

Alvesta Misty Rose 007.1.jpg (343383 bytes)

Alvesta Misty Rose 008.jpg (601559 bytes)   Alvesta Misty Rose 010.jpg (124228 bytes)

Alvesta Misty Rose 015.jpg (167783 bytes)   Virginia and Mystic.jpg (107050 bytes)

Misty Rose at 22 years on the left and up top

Alvesta Misty Rose at 17 years old with her dam Alvesta Virginia Belle at 23 years old on the right

June 17, 2007 016.jpg (219252 bytes)

Misty Rose at 23, pictured with her daughter Alvesta Buttons N Bows, and grandson Alvesta Del Monte


Alvesta Misty Rose's Pedigree:

GlanNant Adonis Farnley Sparkler *Farnley Sirius Coed Coch Glyndwr
*Coed Coch Seren
*Cui Glitter Revel Revolt
Cui Blue Rally
*GlanNant Sonnet Rhyd-Y-Felin Selwyn *Coed Coch Blaen Lleuad
Rhyd-Y-Felin Seren Wyb
*Coed Coch Prydyddes Criban Victor
Coed Coch Pluen
Alvesta Virginia Belle Farnley Bellringer *Downland Drummer Boy Downland Roundelay
Downland Dragonfly
Farnley Belladonna Farnley Kobold
*Bowdler Belle 2nd
Quorn Stoney Crossing *Betws Rhawnwyn Coed Coch Planed
Bettws Las
*Sinton Martini Revel Vermouth
Cui Leslie


Misty Rose was a prolific producer for us, unfortunately with the years we have lost the pictures of many of her offspring, shown below are those left.


Alvesta Precious Rose.JPG (248870 bytes)  piratesrosebest.jpg (2141881 bytes)  Enchantress trotting.jpg (2355651 bytes)

Alvesta Rose Ellen.jpg (122085 bytes)  7 Alvesta Mercedes.jpg (136921 bytes)  Alvesta Forever Rose.jpg (61235 bytes)

Alvesta Eldorado.jpg (458682 bytes)    Buttons harness pic.jpg (717883 bytes)


In order from left to right, top to bottom the ponies are as follows:

Alvesta Precious Rose, Alvesta Pirate's Rose, Alvesta Enchantress

Alvesta Rose Ellen, Alvesta Mercedes, Alvesta Forever Rose

Alvesta Eldorado and of course, our wonderful broodmare Alvesta Buttons N Bows


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