*Llanarth Tarquin

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2008 Section B Grey Colt




The above photos were taken of Tarquin as a three-year-old in the spring of 2011



The below photos were taken at 14 months of age in June, 2009

Llanarth Tarquin_June 14 2009_ 053.jpg (1209803 bytes)


Llanarth Tarquin_June 14 2009_ 0053.jpg (228380 bytes)    


Llanarth Tarquin_June 14 2009_ 044.jpg (971704 bytes)

All of the above photos were taken at 14 months of age in June, 2009


Photo below taken as a weanling on his first outing in the Canadian snow

Llanarth Tarquin 001 001.jpg (1634209 bytes)


*Llanarth Tarquin's Pedigree:

Cwrtycadno Cymro Eyarth Celebration Keston Royal Occasion Downland Mandarin
Clyphada Periwinkle
Leighon Glamour Downland Dandini
Leighon Butterfly
Talhaearn Eirlys y Pasg Nefydd Autumn Chuckle Brockwell Chuckle
Downland Autumn
Keston Fantasia Solway Master Bronze
Twyford Silk
Polaris Dorcas Paddock Mystral Coed Coch Lygon Coed Coch Berwynfa
Hillbarn Garland
Coed Coch Penwn Coed Coch Berwynfa
Coed Coch Peioni
Felbrigg Skylark Coed Coch Berwynfa Tan-y-Bwlch Berwyn
Berwyn Beauty
Downland Songbird Downland Dauphin
Reeves Golden Samphire


Polaris Dorcas 1.jpg (225390 bytes)    cymro.jpg (186815 bytes)

Tarquin's dam Polaris Dorcas (left, and now deceased) and sire, Cwrtycadno Cymro pictured above, thanks to the Bigleys and Ingrid Delaitre for the photos.

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