Alvesta Heather Belle

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1999-2010 Section B Bay Mare

Heather's progeny are pictured at the bottom of the page along with her pedigree


Love trotting with mom.bmp (1592198 bytes)

Heather with her first foal, Alvesta Love Knot, now owned by Rosegarland Welsh

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Alvesta Heather Belle_July 1 2008 011.jpg (1268455 bytes)

July 3, 2007 004.jpg (138154 bytes)


Alvesta Heather Belle's Pedigree:

*Rosedale El Senor Pennwood El Dorado Pennwood Mujib Downland Chevalier
Downland Dawn Chorus
Downland Rosewood Downland Chevalier
Downland Camelia
Rosedale Fairytale Rosedale Mohican Downland Mohawk
Downland Flair
Rosedale Fairyland Tanlan Julius Caesar
Downland Wonderland
Alvesta Virginia Belle Farnley Bellringer *Downland Drummer Boy Downland Roundelay
Downland Dragonfly
Farnley Belladonna Farnley Kobold
*Bowdler Belle 2nd
Quorn Stoney Crossing *Betws Rhawnwyn Coed Coch Planed
Bettws Las
*Sinton Martini Revel Vermouth
Cui Leslie

Alvesta Heather Belle's dam, Alvesta Virginia Belle and her sire, *Rosedale El Senor

Virginia's young shot.jpg (20854 bytes)                    El wc.jpg (171732 bytes)


Heather's lovely produce by *Cadlanvalley Pirate below:

Bella 001.jpg (114731 bytes)   Alvesta Peirato_Aug 13, 2007 004.jpg (227290 bytes)   Love_trotting_with_mom.jpg (45063 bytes)

Alvesta Knotical.jpg (2152860 bytes)

From left to right: Alvesta Bella, Alvesta Peirato, Alvesta Love Knot & Alvesta Knotical


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