Alvesta Buttons N Bows

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1990 Section B Bay Roan Mare

Some of Buttons' progeny are pictured at the bottom of the page along with her pedigree

Alvesta Buttons N Bows - 4 yrs_.jpg (384810 bytes)

As a green 4-year-old with an equally green rider, Buttons and Christine placed 3rd out of 17 shown, in this ridden class

A Tribute to Alvesta Buttons N Bows

Written by Christine Podolski at age 13

Christine is shown below at 10, with a 2-year-old Buttons

-Alvesta Buttons N Bows - 2 yrs old.jpg (128756 bytes)

I love to ride my pony,
Without her I would be so lonely.
She's the best friend I've ever had,
Buttons' N Bows is hardly ever bad.
Her eyes are so friendly and warm,
When I ride her she has beautiful form.
She's so graceful, yet strong.
I know with Buttons I'll never go wrong.
My pony Buttons is so smart,
She can be ridden or driven with a cart.
Together we have participated in many shows,
To come back home with a lot of ribbons, trophies and bows.
Buttons' best friend, is a pony called Ollie,
Who Sharon McCarthur happens to ride, by golly.
The four of us love to ride all day,
Though when we come home, we still have lots of energy to play

Alvesta Buttons N Bows_April 2010.jpg (499226 bytes)

Buttons pictured above April, 2010

Buttons Ollie and girls.jpg (497049 bytes)

Buttons pictured above with Rosevean Red Admiral, ridden by daughter Karen and her friend Rachel

Buttons showpic.jpg (582920 bytes)  

Alvesta Buttons N Bows_show.jpg (271622 bytes)

Buttons harness pic.jpg (717883 bytes)

Buttons at demo.jpg (358922 bytes)    Buttonsandfoal.JPG (336629 bytes)

Buttons and Karen at a pony club demonstration, left

Buttons and 2004 colt Alvesta Ready to Roll right, who is also pictured at the bottom of the page with Buttons produce


Alvesta Buttons N Bows_4 years.jpg (139420 bytes)

Buttons shown above as a 4-year-old with a very young Karen

Buttons and Royal Jewel2.jpg (76327 bytes)


Alvesta Buttons N Bows_August 2008_ 007.jpg (2467018 bytes)

Buttons enjoying the saskatoon berries in 2008

July 2009 Alvesta Buttons N Bows 004.jpg (2737207 bytes)

The above photo was taken out loose in the pasture July 2009

Alvesta Buttons N Bow's Pedigree:

Llandefalle Bonheddwr *Springbourne Buckle Twyford Profit Soloway Master Bronze
Twyford Primrose
Springbourne Brocade Menai Shooting Star
Coed Coch Berin
Shenandoah Nymph *Farnley Lustre Gretton Blue Boy
*Cui Glitter
Shenandoah Dryad Farnley Gremlin
*Gwarfelin Bouquet
Alvesta Misty Rose GlanNant Adonis Farnley Sparkler *Farnley Sirius
*Cui Glitter
*GlanNant Sonnet Rhyd-Y-Felin Selwyn
*Coed Coch Prydyddes
Alvesta Virginia Belle Farnley Bellringer *Downland Drummer Boy
Farnley Belladonna
Quorn Stoney Crossing *Betws Rhawnwyn
*Sinton Martini



Alvesta Spicy Thyme2.jpg (766495 bytes)

One of Buttons N Bows' many beautiful and talented offspring Alvesta Spicy Thyme, is featured above, please click on the photo for more information and pictures, photo by Photoplay's Portrait.

Below are more of Alvesta Buttons N Bows produce:


Alvesta Del Monte_June 30 005.jpg (183419 bytes)  2007 Wild Rose Show Spice.jpg (415221 bytes)  Sven shady 2.jpg (87599 bytes)


Foals.jpg (914331 bytes)  Alvesta Manroe the Giant1.JPG (60799 bytes)  Alvesta Ready to Roll 2009_1.bmp (848694 bytes)


Alvesta Diabolo_5 months_August 12 2009_ 017.jpg (1040297 bytes)  Alvesta Brianna_April 30, 2010 038.jpg (1689207 bytes)   Alvesta Syesha Aug 18 2008_ 028.jpg (844028 bytes)

Please click on the photos above for more information and pictures of these individuals, names below.

From top left to right: Alvesta Del Monte, Alvesta Sweet N Spicy, Alvesta Sven

Alvesta Red Admiral, Alvesta Manroe the Giant, Alvesta Ready to Roll

Alvesta Diabolo, Alvesta Syesha, and Alvesta Brianna


All of the above mentioned offspring are sired by Multi Supreme Champion *Cadlan Valley Pirate with the exception of Alvesta Manroe the Giant & Alvesta Spicy Thyme, who are sired by Supreme Champion *Rosedale El Senor


Alvesta Ready to Roll with his owner Sigourney Payette

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