Alvesta Snowfairy

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2009 Section B Black going grey filly

Snowfairy's first show season as a yearling was fantastic!  She beat out the two-year-olds for her high point division:

2010 WPCSC Canadian National Champion, Section B 2 & Under Fillies


Alvesta Snowfairy_5 months old_August 12 2009_ 008.jpg (492855 bytes)

Alvesta Snowfairy_5 months old_August 12 2009_ 004.jpg (1022771 bytes)    Alvesta Snowfairy_5 months old_August 12 2009_ 0009.jpg (624898 bytes)

Above photos taken at 4 1/2 months old in August, when Snowfairy was brought in from pasture for halter training

Alvesta Snowfairy_May 30 2009_ 040.jpg (572087 bytes)


Alvesta Snowfairy July 2009 003.jpg (567147 bytes)                  Alvesta Snowfairy_June 22 2009 023.jpg (1292115 bytes)


Alvesta Snowfairy_May 30 2009_ 039.jpg (352863 bytes)


July 2009 Alvesta Snowfairy 021.jpg (1368472 bytes)   July 2009 Alvesta Snowfairy 004.jpg (1025508 bytes)

Alvesta Snowfairy_May 27 2009_ 011.jpg (1163421 bytes)   Alvesta Snowfairy June 27 2009 019.jpg (374406 bytes)


Alvesta Snowfairy_May 30 2009_ 008.jpg (1537891 bytes)

Most of the above photos were taken at one month old with our daughter Christine and granddaughter Eva

Alvesta Snowfairy_May 17 2009 005.jpg (2159527 bytes)


Alvesta Snowfairy_May 17 2009 021.jpg (96681 bytes)

Above photos taken at 3 weeks old

Snowfairy first day 004.jpg (2637453 bytes)  

Taken on her birthday, April 26

Alvesta Snowfairy's Pedigree:

*Cadlan Valley Pirate

Cadlan Valley Replica Millcroft Copper Lustre Aston Love Knot
Paddock Fairy Lustre
Weston Louisa Weston Charmer
Weston Moll Flanders
Balmalcolm Golden Lustre Tetworth Hornpipe Lydstep Barn Dance
Tetworth Swan Lake
Farasi Marigold Farasi Sir Lancelot
Llwydcoed Butterfly
Alvesta Mystique GlanNant Adonis Farnley Sparkler *Farnley Sirius
*Cui Glitter
*GlanNant Sonnet Rhyd-Y-Felin Selwyn
*Coed Coch Prydyddes
Alvesta Virginia Belle Farnley Bellringer *Downland Drummer Boy
Farnley Belladonna
Quorn Stoney Crossing *Betws Rhawnwyn
*Sinton Martini


Alvesta Snowfairy with her dam Alvesta Mystique at 23 years young

Alvesta Mystique_July 11 2009_ 001.jpg (394201 bytes)

Alvesta Mystique         2009 Foals