Alvesta Peirato

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2006 Section B Bay Gelding

Alvesta Fairy Lustre June 27 2009 00001.jpg (1085887 bytes)

Peirato pictured above in the center as a three year old, summer of 2009.  He's with two paternal sisters Alvesta Fairy Lustre (grey) and Alvesta Electra, both yearling fillies.

Alvesta Peirato_2009.jpg (58549 bytes)

Above photo taken 2009 by Rick Kroll Photography

Alvesta Peirato June 27 2009 022.jpg (336268 bytes)   Alvesta Peirato June 27 2009 023.jpg (363666 bytes)

Alvesta Peirato June 27 2009 038.jpg (885760 bytes)

Alvesta Peirato June 27 2009 011.jpg (1303517 bytes)   Alvesta Peirato_2009 009.jpg (3017003 bytes)

Above photos taken of Peirato as a three year old summer of 2009

Alvesta Peirato_Aug 13, 2007 004.jpg (227290 bytes)   Alvesta Peirato Aug 6 2008_ 018.jpg (954181 bytes)

Peirato pictured as a yearling on the left and as a two year old on the right

Peirato's Foal Pictures

 Peirato 008.jpg (116388 bytes)

Peirato 021.jpg (170107 bytes)   Peirato 014.jpg (308889 bytes)

Peirato 026.jpg (83739 bytes)   Peirato 031.jpg (60454 bytes)


Alvesta Peirato's Pedigree:

*Cadlan Valley Pirate Cadlan Valley Replica Millcroft Copper Lustre Aston Love Knot
Paddock Fairy Lustre
Weston Louisa Weston Charmer
Weston Moll Flanders
Balmalcolm Golden Lustre Tetworth Hornpipe Lydstep Barn Dance
Tetworth Swan Lake
Farasi Marigold Farasi Sir Lancelot
Llywdcoed Butterfly
Alvesta Heather Belle *Rosedale El Senor Pennwood El Dorado Pennwood Mujib
Downland Rosewood
Rosedale Fairytale Rosedale Mohican
Rosedale Fairland
Alvesta Virginia Belle Farnley Bellringer *Downland Drummer Boy
Farnley Belladonna
Quorn Stoney Crossing *Betws Rhawnwyn
*Sinton Martini


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