Alvesta Mirage

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2007-2009 Section B Grey Colt

*Pedigree & Show Results listed below*


Alvesta Mirage_July 26 2009 031.jpg (328620 bytes)


Alvesta Mirage_2 years_July 15 2009_ 0018.jpg (152387 bytes)


Alvesta Mirage_July 26 2009 009.jpg (391973 bytes)


Alvesta Mirage_2 years_July 15 2009_ 007.jpg (614285 bytes)   2_Alvesta Mirage_July 29 2009 016.jpg (829129 bytes)


Alvesta Mirage_July 26 2009 011.jpg (895245 bytes)


Alvesta Mirage_2 years_July 15 2009_ 001.jpg (1465212 bytes)


2_Alvesta Mirage_June 24, 2009 00015.jpg (112810 bytes)

All the above photos were taken as a two year old summer of 2009


Yearling Pictures

Alvesta Mirage Aug 28 2008_ 026.jpg (234158 bytes)


Alvesta Mirage Aug 2008_ 010.jpg (332189 bytes)    Alvesta Mirage_Aug 2-3 2008_ 031.jpg (337897 bytes)

Alvesta Mirage Aug 2008_ 002.jpg (665999 bytes)    Alvesta Mirage Aug 2008_ 019.jpg (429432 bytes)

A very photogenic guy, we have tons of pasture pictures of Mirage!

    Alvesta Mirage_July 1 2008 010.jpg (1010148 bytes)

Alvesta Mirage Aug 28 2008_ 019.jpg (1238463 bytes)           Alvesta Mirage Aug 2008_ 020.jpg (628275 bytes)

Alvesta Mirage Aug 28 2008_ 001.jpg (1826214 bytes)

Mirage had the most wonderful temperament you could ask for, a very sensible and generous personality, he loved his people and he was in turn a favorite here at Alvesta Farm. 

Both parents are champions in the showring, *Cadlan Valley Pirate being a Supreme Champion and Grand Champion Sport Pony, and Alvesta Mystique a Senior and Grand Champion Mare.  Maternal sister Alvesta Royal Jewel has excelled in the showring in both breeding and performance classes, earning numerous Championships in both areas.   Sister Alvesta Royal Beauty has just been introduced to the show scene and has walked away proudly with Championships from both the Wisconsin Welsh Show and the National Centennial Show.  Hunter/Jumper/Sire supreme Alvesta Picasso is also among Mirage's illustrious siblings.  Picasso is a Supreme Champion himself, and sire of A Circuit Champion jumpers.  Our broodmare Alvesta Fantasia (maternal sister) is Premium winner of the Alberta Horse Improvement Program (highest classification) as well as Res. Supreme Champion and dam of Supreme Champions such as Alvesta Folklore and Alvesta TaliesinAlvesta Indira, also out of Mystique, is rarely out of the championships, winning many championships in Welsh and Sport Pony Classes including Res. Supreme Champion.  We hoped and pleaded for a filly that looked like Mirage, and in 2008 Mystique produced a beautiful filly just like him - full sister Alvesta Fairy Lustre will be retained for our breeding program, and she's already a Champion!  Please see Our 2009 Champions for Fairy Lustre's and Mirage's 2009 wins.


Alvesta Mirage Wild Rose 1 2.jpg (677127 bytes)

Alvesta Mirage Wild Rose 1.jpg (475493 bytes)

Mirage pictured at the 2008 Wild Rose shows above, the results of the show are listed below.

Two above photos taken by Rick Kroll Photography

Our 2009 Champions has Mirage's wins as a two year old

Alvesta Mirage_Aug 2-3 2008_ 006.jpg (546355 bytes)

2008 Yearling Show Results

Mirage behaved beautifully for his first show season, we were very pleased with him and his results!

Wild Rose Welsh Pony Show
Judge Kirsten Brunner Judge Tina Beamer
Missed his class!!!
2nd Sport Pony Foal/Yearling Colt (15 Shown) 3rd Sport Pony Foal/Yearling Colt (15 Shown)
Youngstock Futurity
Judge Mara Coote-Freeman
1st Yearling (5 Shown)
Futurity Reserve Grand Champion Section B
Wild Rose Welsh Show #2
Judge Susan Stepney
1st Section B Foal/Yearling
Junior Champion Colt
Res. Grand Champion Stallion (to his dad!)
1st Sport Pony Foal/Yearling
Junior Champion Sport Pony!!

Unshown as a foal

At year end under the Canadian High Point system, Mirage was awarded 2008 Western Regional Reserve Champion Section B 2 & Under Colt

Foal Pictures

April 22, 2007 006.1.jpg (496505 bytes)

Mirage pictured just born and still wet, above

  Alvesta Mirage_Aug 15, 2007 035.jpg (218458 bytes)        Alvesta Mirage_Aug 15, 2007 024.jpg (212437 bytes)

Alvesta Mirage_Aug 15, 2007 008.jpg (471398 bytes)

Mirage pictured at 4 months old


Alvesta Mirage's Pedigree:

*Cadlan Valley Pirate Cadlan Valley Replica Millcroft Copper Lustre Aston Love Knot
Paddock Fairy Lustre
Weston Louisa Weston Charmer
Weston Moll Flanders
Balmalcolm Golden Lustre Tetworth Hornpipe Lydstep Barn Dance
Tetworth Swan Lake
Farasi Marigold Farasi Sir Lancelot
Llwydcoed Butterfly
Alvesta Mystique GlanNant Adonis Farnley Sparkler *Farnley Sirius
*Cui Glitter
*GlanNant Sonnet Rhyd-Y-Felin Selwyn
*Coed Coch Prydyddes
Alvesta Virginia Belle Farnley Bellringer *Downland Drummer Boy
Farnley Belladonna
Quorn Stoney Crossing *Betws Rhawnwyn
*Sinton Martini


Alvesta Mirage's dam pictured with his full sister Alvesta Snowfairy (Mystique at 23 years old)

Alvesta Mystique_July 11 2009_ 001.jpg (394201 bytes)

Alvesta Mystique         2007 Foals