Alvesta Del Monte

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2007 Section B Bay Gelding

Alvesta Del Monte_July 27 2009 001.jpg (993358 bytes)


Alvesta Del Monte July 2009 001.jpg (1393313 bytes)

Typical of Monte, when the other ponies all ran away spooked by the flapping plastic bag, Monte went on over sniffed it and then promptly began pawing it.  The flapping and crackling was more of a game for him than something to be afraid of! Photo taken July, 2009

Alvesta Del Monte_June 30 005.jpg (183419 bytes)

Pictured at 14 months old June of 2008

Alvesta Del Monte 2008_ 003.jpg (341950 bytes)    Alvesta Del Monte 2008_ 011.jpg (404427 bytes)


Alvesta Del Monte 2008_ 009.jpg (1238058 bytes)

The boys out in pasture 2008 - from left to right, Alvesta Del Monte, Alvesta Firebolt and Alvesta Mirage


Alvesta Del Monte's Foal Pictures


   Del Monte_May 26, 2007 006.jpg (72123 bytes)  Del Monte_May 26, 2007 016.jpg (70728 bytes)

Monte pictured at one month, above

Alvesta Del Monte_Aug 14 030.jpg (241782 bytes)  Alvesta Del Monte_Aug 14 036.jpg (192286 bytes)  Alvesta Del Monte_Aug 14 031.jpg (257054 bytes)

Pictured at three and a half months


Some of Del Monte's maternal siblings include:

Alvesta Spicy Thyme by *Rosedale El Senor

Alvesta Sweet N Spicy by *Cadlan Valley Pirate

Alvesta Sven by *Cadlan Valley Pirate

Alvesta Red Admiral by *Cadlan Valley Pirate

Alvesta Ready to Roll by *Cadlan Valley Pirate - Can be seen on our Gallery page

Alvesta Manroe the Giant by *Rosedale El Senor

Alvesta Syesha by *Cadlan Valley Pirate

Alvesta Diabolo by *Cadlan Valley Pirate

Alvesta Brianna by *Cadlan Valley Pirate

Alvesta Del Monte's Pedigree:

*Cadlan Valley Pirate Cadlan Valley Replica Millcroft Copper Lustre Aston Love Knot
Paddock Fairy Lustre
Weston Louisa Weston Charmer
Weston Moll Flanders
Balmalcolm Golden Lustre Tetworth Hornpipe Lydstep Barn Dance
Tetworth Swan Lake
Farasi Marigold Farasi Sir Lancelot
Llwydcoed Butterfly
Alvesta Buttons N Bows Llandefalle Bonheddwr *Springbourne Buckle Twyford Profit
Springbourne Brocade
Shenandoah Nymph *Farnley Lustre
Shenandoah Dryad
Alvesta Misty Rose GlanNant Adonis Farnley Sparkler
*GlanNant Sonnet
Alvesta Virginia Belle Farnley Bellringer
Quorn Stoney Crossing


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