Alvesta Caris

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2007 Section A Grey Filly

Alvesta Caris and Alvesta Bubblicious.jpg (493176 bytes)

Caris pictured as a two year old the summer of 2009 with Section A mare Alvesta Bubblicious


Caris is pictured with her two-year-old paternal sister, Alvesta Bliss

Alvesta Caris_2009 025.jpg (118733 bytes)


Alvesta Caris 2009 003.jpg (682329 bytes)   Alvesta Caris_2009 2 years_ 001.jpg (699369 bytes)


Alvesta Caris_2009 016.jpg (888808 bytes)


Alvesta Caris__two years_August 12 2009_ 009.jpg (253250 bytes)   Alvesta Caris_2009_ 008.jpg (141999 bytes)


Alvesta Caris 008.jpg (606962 bytes)


Alvesta Caris_August 9 2009_ 001.jpg (164008 bytes)   Alvesta Caris_August 12 2009.jpg (172430 bytes)

Photos above taken July 2009 as a two year old


*Caris is named Supreme Champion under Judge Jane Fischer de Thouars of California in 2008*

Alvesta Caris_Aug 9 2008_ 010.jpg (793463 bytes)

Alvesta Caris_June 30 007.jpg (1068411 bytes)

Alvesta Caris_June 30 009.jpg (742154 bytes)   Alvesta Caris_June 30 006.jpg (1024343 bytes)

Above photos taken summer of 2008 as a yearling

Alvesta Carist_July 29 2008_ 001.jpg (507578 bytes)

She's got natural jump too!



Foals June 6, 2007 002.jpg (131334 bytes)  May 26, 2007 006.jpg (181380 bytes)  July 8, 2007 010.jpg (84289 bytes)

Pictured at one day old in the middle shot



Alvesta Caris's Pedigree:

*Nerwyn Gwyn Betws Llew Betws Fflach Brierwood Rocket II
Betws Sandra
Betws Gwenan Coed Coch Pryd
Betws Valmai
Nerwyn Gwyrthiol Nerwyn Tywysog Nerwyn Cadno
Polaris Tilia
Nerwyn Leah Gartconnel Salad
Coed Coch Lili
Lianna L S Snow White Lianna's Saqqarah *Twyford Dollar Money Twyford Gurkha
Clan Da
Lianna's Golden Girl Snow Pony Mochastone
Snow Pony Goldilocks
Lianna D M Snow Flake *Twyford Dollar Money Twyford Gurkha
Clan Da
*Colne Snowdrop Carnalw Hyderus
Brierwood Snowflake


2008 Yearling Show Results

Alvesta Caris_Aug 9 2008_ 020.jpg (1264372 bytes)

Another incredible show season, Caris brings home Supreme Champion!

Wild Rose Welsh Pony Show

Judge Kirsten Brunner Judge Tina Beamer
1st Filly foal/Yearling 2nd Filly foal/Yearling
Junior Champion Filly Reserve Junior Champion Filly
Reserve Grand Champion Mare Reserve Grand Champion Mare
Youngstock Futurity
Judge Mara Coote-Freeman
2nd Yearling
Wild Rose Welsh Show #2
Judge Susan Stepney
1st Section A Foal/Yearling
Junior Champion Filly
All Breed Pony Show
Judge Jane Fischer de Thouars
1st Section A 2 & Under (colts, fillies, geldings)
Junior Welsh Champion (Section A, B, C, D)
Junior Western Canada Champion  (All younstock in show including sport pony and all pony breeds)
Western Canada Supreme Champion!!

    Under Judge Mrs. Jane Fischer de Thouars, Caris won a plate with a pony head inscription, a rug storage bag, a hay feeder, a beautiful print of the painting "Kindred Spirits" done by Jenness Cortez as well as two perpetual trophies and of course all her ribbons!!  Needless to say, we were very pleased with her accomplishments.

The rest of Our 2008 Champions can be viewed at the provided link

At year end under the Canadian High Point system, Caris was awarded 2008 Western Regional Champion Section A 2 & Under Filly and Alberta Provincial Champion as well as 2008 National Champion Section A 2 & Under Filly!

2007 Foal Show Results

Snow White & Caris.jpg (16121 bytes)

Alvesta Caris with her dam Lianna L S Snow White at the 2007 Wild Rose Show where they had an incredible show:

Lianna L S Snow White Alvesta Caris
2007 Wild Rose Show
Judge Pat Cochran Judge Shannon Lawlor Judge Pat Cochran Judge Shannon Lawlor
1st Section A Broodmare/Yeld Mare 2nd Foal/Filly/2 Yr Old 1st Foal/Filly/2 Yr Old
Senior Champion Section A Mare Res. Junior Champ Filly Junior Champion Filly
Grand Champion Section A Mare Youngstock Futurity  Judge Linda Anderson
Supreme Champion!! 1st Section A Foal
Res. Grand Champion Section A!!

*To Note:  Lianna's Saqqarah (Snow White's sire) was awarded Supreme Champion under Judge Shannon Lawlor at the same show that Snow White won Supreme under Judge Pat Cochran!  What a great day for the family!*

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